Plumbing Supplies Dallas TX

According to the plumbing supplies in Dallas TX you need, there are many different factors involved in finding the store offering your needs. Dallas is a very large city blending with Fort Worth, which provides endless resources for those in the construction business. Since the two cities are practically one, the opportunities for finding the best plumbing supplies in Dallas TX is easy as can be.

Types of plumbing stores in Dallas TX

There are many different types of stores offering plumbing supplies in Dallas TX. The choices include warehouses, wholesale, retail, and even building supply that offers all kinds of construction products. If you are a professional, then you will want to visit the warehouses and wholesalers as you can order larger quantities, on the other hand, homeowners may do just as well visiting a retail plumbing store.

Plumbing supply companies in Dallas TX

To find the plumbing supplies in Dallas TX you need you will need to find the store offering the largest inventory unless you just need to fix a leak, then a hardware store will be just fine.

The plumbing stores offering a wide selection include:

  • AllTex Pipe & Supply – 9743 Brockbank Drive
  • Economy Supply Company – 127 North Marsalis
  • Pierce plumbing & Hardware – 6823 Snider Plz
  • Elegant Additions – 150 Turtle Creek Blvd
  • Jahns Supply Co – 2411 Shorecrest Drive
  • Easter & Sons – 10431 Miller Road

Types of plumbing products

AllTex Pipe & Supply offers plumbing supplies in Dallas TX in the way of pipe, valves, and fittings. The company also offers a few services that can help with any plumbing project such as cut, thread, and groove pipe. The company will cup pipe up to 36 inches and thread pipe sizes ¼ inch to 6 inches, and groove pipe according to the type of pipe such as copper in sizes 2 inches to 12 inches.

Economy Supply Company provides plumbing supplies in Dallas TX for kitchen and bathrooms. The showroom allows customers to view completed projects offering consumers the opportunity to see the products in use so they can decide what products are best for their homes or projects.

Pierce plumbing & Hardware offers plumbing supplies for both the kitchen and bath along with door hardware, pulls, and knobs. The company offers name brands such as Andre, Baldwin, and Jado. 

Elegant Additions is a specialty shop offering a wide array of plumbing supplies in Dallas TX for the bath, kitchen, and bar along with hardware, furniture, and lighting. They also have a concierge service to aid their customers from start to finish with expert advice.

Jahns Supply Co offers contractors the opportunity to purchase all the plumbing supplies in Dallas TX they need for any size project. A few of the products offered include copper pipe, cast iron pipe, cast iron fittings, weld fittings, fixtures, drains, and water heaters.

Easter & Sons is a warehouse offering a large inventory of plumbing supplies in Dallas TX including such products as water heaters, pumps, faucets, tools, fixtures, fittings, pipe, valves, water regulators, and water filtration.


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